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    From the Page to the Stage

    The typical Evolution of a set from page to stage.


    The Addams Family Design Process for Berkeley Playhouse April 2016 production

    Step 1: Research image & concept collage

    Step 2: Then once the overall feel is discussed, we start closing in on the more detailed locations




    Step 3: Concept Sketches


    Step 4: Concept Renderings


    Step 5: Next we move out of concept and into the literal.  Everything is drawn in full detail in order to be handed of to our incredible TD (in this case Stewart Lyle).  Below is just mapping each moving object to it's storage place backstage, just to make sure we'd actually have room to fit all these objects in the theatre and dtore them when they are not in use (We did it!...just barely.  Thanks to an incredible stage managment team, lots of glow tape, and some very patient and nimble actors.)

    Step 6: White model in 1/4" scale.  Somtimes I go straight for the color model, but in this case with so many moving pieces we made a smaller scale white model first to make sure everything functioned and looked as desired.  The white model is then passed off to the director (In this case Kimberly Dooley) to work on blocking while I begin the color model.

    Step 7: The paint elevations are next, everything is detailed and broken down so that the scenic painter has a reference point to paint from.  Our scenic painter Brian Watson was incredible (and he was also in the show! talk about multi-talented!)

     Sneak peak: here's what the final set piece looked like.  I told you our scenic painter was amazing!

     Step 8: The color model in 1/2" scale another model, this time in color 

    And finally after a lot of work from a lot of departments we arrive at the stage


    Enjoy the entire album with photos by Ben Krantz